Welcome to the Chronic Flyfisher home page, here you will find information on stillwater entomology, productive fly patterns for a variety of fishing situations, flyfishing techniques and information on the lakes and rivers in the Central Interior of BC, with lots of pictures in between. Best fishes, Lewis. Visit us on www.Facebook.com/TheChronicflyfisher

A Primer for Flyfishing

Flyfishing the Central Interior of BC Book

Central Interior Lakes

Stripping a leech pattern out from the shoreline can be effective for catching fall brookies

Matching the hatch - Flyfishing chironomids

My favorite time of the year is spring when the days are getting longer and warmer, the

chironomids are emerging and the birds are returning from the south, there is a lot of

activity in and around the lake, it is a great time to be a flyfisher

Spring Stillwater Slideshow

In celebration of BC Rivers Day

here's a slideshow of a drift down a river, enjoy!!

River Drift

More info on BC Rivers Day

Autumn is a colorful time of year and what better place to be than out for

A Fall Fish


We were happy to supply the pictures for the Hart Lake sign

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Flyfishing Chironomids

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Strike Indicator Flies

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Fly Tying - Doc Spratley

Black Doc Spratley

Fly Tying Material

Check out this great product:

Liquid Lace

Fly tying material for tying realistic bloodworms, chironomids, damsel or dragon nymphs, scuds or any fly, this material is a great additon to your tying bench. To find out more go to Ed Smith's website


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Wildlife Photos

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